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Manufacturers, B2B and B2B2C wholesalers and retailers face a growing list of pricing challenges such as competitiveness, transparency, flexibility, and consistency across multiple channels. Added to this is high cost inflation (raw materials, energy, wages, etc.) versus a rapidly closing window of opportunity to pass on these increases in prices. While some pure players have embraced dynamic pricing and innovative AI algorithms, many players are still struggling with heavy processes and outdated tools.

We are here to help you tackle these challenges! Optix, our smart pricing solution, provides a comprehensive platform to redesign your pricing policy with one simple motto:

"Focus on your strategy and let the software do the rest."

Maximize your results with Optix

Our solution is designed to support both decision makers - CEO, Marketing & Pricing director, Sales director, Strategy Director, CFO - and direct users - price managers, category manager, etc. Our clients have seen impressive results within just a few months:

Margin Growth: up to +3 points
Improved Price Image: up to +60 points of zero-discount sales in sensitive products
Market Share Growth

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Unleash the power of smart pricing with Optix — Your key to success in the dynamic world of B2B and B2B2C pricing.

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Optix capabilities unlock efficient ways of working:

  • Optimize your prices & discount funnels
  • Analyse impacts (multi-dimensional) to enhance your pricing control
  • Iterate in an instant to continuoulsy improve your prices
  • Foster collaboration with a centralized tool
    Foster collaboration with a centralized tool
  • Easily learn to use Optix from data upload to price validation
  • Take advantage of our hybrid software and consulting approach
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Optix - BearingPoint's innovative smart pricing solution

A good pricing policy is a differentiating asset

We believe that the best way to help our clients achieve sustainable pricing excellence is to provide them with a way to structure their pricing process, neutralize the technical limitations and refocus their energy on the strategy. This was the foundational idea of Optix, our SaaS software dedicated to B2B and B2B2C pricing.

Optix is a user-friendly solution packaging many years of expertise in B2B pricing. It offers many features that allow users to:

  • Compute prices with a "white box" algorithm designed over the last 15 years through real pricing projects
  • Compare the impacts of multiple pricing scenarios with dynamic dashboards
  • Manage B2B discounts and customer engagement
  • Take into account product life cycle: replaced SKUs, products coherence, and multiple cost price
  • Integrate competitor prices (Optix is not a web scraping solution)
  • Access Optix via web browser (SaaS solution, Data stored within France or the E.U. according to your needs)
  • Manage large volumes of data: thousands of references and millions of transactions. To date >3M SKUs priced for >10 B€ of annual turnover
  • Automate ERP/Optix information sharing via an API (optional)

We are proud to be trusted by many leading Companies around the Globe:

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Hear what our clients say about our smart pricing solution:

Julien Bonnard, Data & Pricing director, PointP Matériaux

Since we started to use Optix we are able to accurately set our B2B2C price list that matches our clients' needs and our sales habits, for more than 50,000 products nationwide.

Julien Bonnard, Data & Pricing director, PointP Matériaux

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